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Empowering stroke survivors to get their lives back


With our Game Ball people with an impaired hand and arm can train easily and measure their progress. Because we believe that no one should be left behind.

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Arm & hand exercising made fun

The key to recover arm and hand use after a stroke is exercising every day.
However, this can be painfully boring and in fact many survivors stop doing it. This is also because of lack of motivation and support.


Our Game Ball allows stroke survivors to do hundreds of repetitions daily without even realizing it. That’s because the Game Ball is a controller used by the impaired hand to play videogames, making exercising fun. But what makes it really special is the fact that we designed it together with stroke survivors, their families, therapists and physicians, so it takes into account your real needs.


Stay tuned about the Game Ball release in late 2018!

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The Game Ball and some games
Progress tracking

Improvements can be monitored
easily, so that every small success can
be celebrated with the loved ones.

Easy to set up

It can be used independently at home
or with little support, lessening
dependance on others.

Social, fun and engaging

It’s for everyone! Survivors can play
with other survivors, their families
and friends.


Are you a therapist?

Neurofenix’s Game Ball is a great addition to your toolkit. It’s fun and engaging, so you can enhance training in-between sessions to amplify your hands-on therapy.


• One-size-fits-all design, suitable for mild to severe impairments
• Extremely motivating, ideal to train in-between sessions
• Possibility to track progress remotely

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Or tell a friend who might be interested

Game Ball’s main exercises

Wrist Ulnar Radiation Deviation

Wrist Ulnar Radial Deviation

Forearm Pronation and Supination

Forearm Pronation and Supination

Wrist Flexion and Extension

Wrist Flexion and Extension

Reaching movement

Reaching movement

Grasp and Release

Grasp and Release

Elbow and shoulder training

Elbow and shoulder training

Are you a relative, a friend or a carer?

After leaving the hospital stroke survivors and their families are often given little or no guidance on what to do.


Our Game Ball gives families, friends and carers a clear way to maximise your
oved one’s potential to get better:


• Get clear instructions on type and duration of exercises
• Empower your loved ones to self-manage their training
• Keep up motivation with daily rewards and by measuring improvement

Enroll to try it for free

Or tell a friend who might be interested

Family and friends

Who else can benefit from the Game Ball?

Our Game Ball can be beneficial to anyone with an impaired hand and/or arm who needs to get better, including individuals with: traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, osteoarthritis and hand injuries.

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Or tell a friend who might be interested

What stroke survivors say

“It’s good fun and exercising. This is the key.”

Jill, aged 74
Had a stroke 4 years ago

“Game Ball is simple”

Amelia, aged 61
Had a stroke 29 years ago

“It got me more activity in my hand”

Barbara, aged 56
Had stroke 4 years ago

“If the Game Ball was available from day one, I would definitely be good again”

Had a stroke 9 years ago

“This game will wake up my wrist. Amazing, amazing!”

Pamela, aged 58
Had a stroke 7 years ago

“One physio could use 2 or 3 Game Balls at the same time”

Olivia, aged 75
Had a stroke 5 years ago

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Neurofenix’s Game Ball on its release in late 2018!

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