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3 simple ways to improve your stroke recovery

After you or a loved one has a stroke, it isn’t uncommon to be overwhelmed with information on your recovery. As a result, it is difficult to know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve got three ways to recover from stroke quicker and easier!


1) Make time to exercise every day


Photograph of calendar

Keep a diary that allows you to record every day you train


It is important to practice a high number of repetitions and to exercise regularly. Some studies even suggest more than 400 repetitions! We recommend doing your stroke exercise at the same time everyday and then rewarding yourself afterwards. This reinforces stroke rehab as a habit.
Here are some simple exercises to get you started. 400 repetitions could be a tedious so set yourself a challenge keep motivated. This is one of the reasons we invented the NeuroBall. It uses games and smart progress tracking to trick you into doing more reps!


2) Incorporate your affected hand one task at a time


Photo showing someone turning on the TV

Incorporate your affected hand into everyday activities like turning on the TV


Start with something simple but manageable. You could try pushing the button to turn on the tv or switching on a light. Once you’ve mastered this, think of another task you can do with your affected hand.
Overtime, you can add in more and more challenging tasks. Doing these small tasks will soon become habit and you will end up doing tonnes of repetitions without even realising!


3) Don’t forget to rest


Photograph of someone relaxing on the sofa

Make sure you rest to give your body and brain opportunity to recover


Doing these exercises retrains your brain. As a result, it becomes stronger and reorganises itself to bypass the damaged parts. It is important to ensure you give your brain a chance to build these new connections. A good night sleep and a some dedicate me time is just what your brain needs.
If you would like to increase the amount of stroke rehab exercise you are doing, the NeuroBall could be for you! It allows you to do hundreds of reps without realising through games and activities. It’s a versatile tool that is great for most stages in recovery. It adapts to your level of movement and gradually gets harder as you progress.

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