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About NeuroBall™

Solving The Problem

Millions of patients in the US need affordable neurologic rehab for their shoulder, arm and hand. Even with health insurance coverage, most occupational or physical therapy for stroke patients doesn’t last long enough or occur often enough to recover to the patient’s full potential.

Neurological injuries such as a stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury often result in debilitating arm and hand weakness or paralysis. Quality of life is severely affected when patients can no longer perform basic daily activities such as holding a glass of water, using a knife and fork, reaching for something in a cabinet or turning a key in a lock. These conditions have a huge emotional, social and economic impact as millions of survivors worldwide cope with these disabilities. The founders of Neurofenix saw their own family members struggling to improve after a stroke, so they dedicated their lives to create a way to help.

Our mission: Transforming Neurological Rehab

The Challenge: Current Occupational and Physical Therapy for Stroke, TBI and Spinal Cord Injury Treatments Fall Short

We know that to be effective, neurological and spinal cord injury treatment requires intensive, repetitive and long-term occupational and physical therapy. However, because of reimbursement limitations for post-injury rehab, the high cost of in-clinic physical therapy for stroke patients and the high cost of rehab devices, many survivors are unable to recover to their full potential. NeuroBall provides an alternative that is affordable, engaging and designed for effective, independent home use. 

The Solution: Games for Stroke Patients

Can games for stroke patients be therapeutic? After years of clinical research, the answer is YES.

Arm and hand recovery after a stroke and other neurological injuries has been too limited, leading us to create the NeuroBall Platform. We worked with hundreds of survivors, their families, therapists and physicians to design NeuroBall, an easy-to-use arm and hand training platform that costs a fraction of its closest competitors. NeuroBall provides fun and engaging games for stroke patients that increase patient motivation. Clinically proven to improve recovery in the clinic and at home, NeuroBall offers stroke, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury patients new ways to approach occupational and physical therapy for the upper extremity.

Who is Neurofenix?

Founded in England in 2016, Neurofenix is a multidisciplinary team of professionals working to make a difference in the lives of neurological injury survivors and their families. See our team page for our leaders and clinicians. Neurofenix is a privately held firm with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and London, UK.

For investor or media requests in the US, please call 800-945-8132 or email lshollenberger@neurofenix.com.

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