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The NeuroBall launch party in numbers

Neurofenix launch party

On 22nd February 2019, we celebrated the launch of the NeuroBall. We had a fantastic time with inspirational stroke survivors, charities and clinicians!

We had a great time celebrating the launch of the NeuroBall. Here is a roundup of ‘The Neuro Ball’ (see what I did there?) in numbers:


We were delighted with how many people were able to celebrate with us. We were joined by Richard and Orlaith Sealy from The Rehab Practice. They have been critical in the development of the NeuroBall!

Dr Nick Ward and Fran Brander from the Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation Clinic at Queen’s Square also came. Nick is passionate about revolutionizing stroke rehabilitation. If you don’t follow @dr_nickward on twitter, you should.

3,230: new high score!

Neurofenix launch party photo

We had some fantastic prizes up for grabs for top score on Frenzy. Frenzy is one of our most loved games. Congratulations to everyone who took part. The competition can only be described as the world’s most competitive upper limb training session. (Does anyone have a contact at Guinness World Records to verify this?).

8,179 exercise reps completed

Evidence has shown that repetitions are essential for upper limb rehabilitation exercise. The NeuroBall allows you to complete these reps by playing games. The games provide extra motivation. The NeuroBall allows you to measure repetitions and track your progress. In fact, the top exerciser from the night completed a massive 843 upper limb repetitions!

60 photographs printed

neurofenix launch party photo

We wanted to make sure everyone got something to take home. We used SquareShare to print the pictures taken on the night. This means that everyone got to take home something to remember the evening! Check out the pictures we took on Facebook.

We had a fantastic time and cannot wait to meet even more of our inspirational customers, community leaders and clinicians at future events. If you would like to be first to hear about our future events, be sure to sign up to our monthly newsletter: