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Case Study

Successful Launch of a Unique NeuroBall™ TeleRehab Program for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

By Jon Graham BA Bsc MSc MCSP HCPC reg, Clinic Director, PhysioFunction, Northampton, UK


The coronavirus pandemic severely impacted rehab therapy for countless clients and therapists worldwide. As was the case at many care delivery sites, PhysioFunction (a private outpatient rehab facility) experienced a significant impact to its business when it had to close during the first lockdown. As a result, clients were given no choice but to stay at home and perform exercises on their own with the remote support of the therapy team.

To compliment the remote support and allow their clients to continue having effective therapy at home, PhysioFunction expanded their offering of home use innovative rehabilitation technology devices, including implementing a TeleRehab program using Neurofenix’s NeuroBall™ for clients needing upper limb rehab.

The NeuroBall Home Program

Neurofenix trained PhysioFunction staff on the NeuroBall and its suite of tablet-based activities and games, and also how to incorporate the device into their TeleRehab sessions. PhysioFunction then offered the new NeuroBall Home Program to their existing and any new clients with upper limb impairment. The NeuroBall device and tablet preloaded with proprietary software were then delivered directly to the client’s home. Neurofenix supported PhysioFunction on the first TeleRehab session using the device. PhysioFunction then arranged regular TeleRehab sessions with their clients where the therapist evaluated progress, provided advice and adapted the program to the client’s needs.


Offering this innovative new teletherapy program has benefited both PhysioFunction and its clients:

For PhysioFunction

The clinic is now able to offer an additional effective therapy program that
can be accessed from the comfort of home. Clients pay for the NeuroBall Home Program, and appreciate its added value compared to phone calls alone, as it helps them develop movements they want to recover.

  • PhysioFunction is able to offer this new program beyond its immediate
    local community, unlocking a new customer base.
  • Therapists are able to see more clients in a single day, as there is
    no need for extensive sanitation between clients; they can move
    easily from client to client using video-calls.
  • Therapists working from home can now deliver teletherapy sessions.

The NeuroBall Home Program creates a new revenue source, and enables
the clinic to differentiate itself from other rehab facilities that do not offer this unique service. The first month of launching the NeuroBall Home Program:

  • 6 clients subscribed and paid for NeuroBall at home.
  • Each client booked 1-2 teletherapy sessions per week, increasing PhysioFunction’s revenue.
  • New clients from outside the local area accessed remote therapy due to PhysioFunction’s promotional efforts.

For Clients

PhysioFunction saw strong engagement with NeuroBall; clients enjoyed
the activities and games and consistently and frequently performed
the exercises independently at home, which helped them work towards
their therapeutic goals.

Clients Using NeuroBall:

  • Trained on their own between 2 and 6 days a week;
  • Trained between 18 to 45 minutes per day;
  • Engaged with their upper limb 1 to 4 hours more per week
    vs. simply performing exercises at home alone.

Clients Reported:

  • NeuroBall was lightweight, and easy to set up and use;
  • They enjoyed the wide variety of activities and games;
  • Reduced wrist stiffness and improved wrist movement.
  • An increase in concentration and enabled more natural
    arm movements.

These results demonstrate that the NeuroBall Home Program is an effective tool to grow clinic revenues,
enhance client engagement and further therapeutic goals from the comfort and convenience of the client’s home.

Didn’t realise how much fine finger and hand movement I’d lost until I started using it. It’s intricate stuff for fingers, really opened up horizons, this has the whole playing field. Grasping pronation supination, extension. I’m enjoying it.

JB Stroke Survivor

What’s Next

As pandemic lockdowns have eased and clients are able to come to the clinic for rehab, PhysioFunction has begun offering a “blended” approach. Clients are able to use NeuroBall in the clinic but can also participate in the NeuroBall Home Program to continue exercising at home. PhysioFunction has found this blended program to be an effective way to extend therapy beyond the clinic, motivate clients and achieve high dose, high repetition therapy.

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