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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included with the NeuroBall platform?

NeuroBall platform consists of several items:

  • Round ‘ball’ that is plastic on the outside and has electronic sensors on the inside. It is about the size/shape of a cantaloupe melon.
  • Tablet device, cover and stand
  • Chargers for both
  • Knuckle guard (optional)
  • Velcro wrist strap
What is NeuroBall used for?

NeuroBall is used to recover strength and movement of the shoulder, arm, wrist, hand or fingers after a stroke or other neurological injury. NeuroBall can be used in addition to, or as a replacement for, occupational therapy for the hand, wrist or arm. 

Do I need to use my own IPAD, tablet or computer?

No, a tablet is included with your subscription When you choose to end your subscription, the tablet must be returned along with the other items sent in the original shipment.

What is included on the tablet?

The tablet is pre-loaded with proprietary software designed to encourage the movement repetitions and therapeutic activities to recover your arm and hand function. These pre-loaded therapy games and activities are created, downloaded and maintained by Neurofenix. You do not need to download any Apps or other services in order to begin using the software.

Why do I need to have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is required to use NeuroBall, connecting our app to the cloud to ensure it is regularly updated, data can be stored, and your progress tracked. Bluetooth technology is used to share exercise and movement data from the NeuroBall device to the included tablet. More than 90% of US Households already have WiFi enabled. Your NeuroBall quickstart guide provides instructions on how to connect the tablet with your household WiFi. If you do not have WiFi, you may be able to use your cellphone as a hotspot, or use the NeuroBall at a local library, coffee shop or community center where free Wi-Fi is available. We can help you find these resources as needed.

What are the finger guides and wrist straps for?

The finger guides help you (and/or a caregiver) position your affected hand around the NeuroBall so that the sensors inside the ball can detect your movements and pressure from your fingers. The wrist strap helps stabilize and hold your hand to the NeuroBall during use. The wrist strap is adjustable to your comfort level. The straps can be easily removed and rinsed or cleaned as desired.

Why does it need to be calibrated?

The Neurofenix App measures the patient’s range of motion. To calculate that, the App needs to know the resting position of the user’s hand or arm. This is the “zero position,” and then we calculate the range of motion by comparing the maximum movement to this “zero position”.

How do the therapy exercises change to match the patient’s abilities?

Once the NeuroBall is connected to the App, the user is guided through calibrating the NeuroBall to their ability. Then, the difficulty of the games will adapt to match the detected user’s arm or hand range of motion. Patients who have little movement will be able to record a repetition and control our therapy games easier than patients who have a bigger range of motion.

Do you have an in-depth user guide?

Yes. Find our user guide here.

How do I clean the NeuroBall?

Specific instructions for cleaning are provided upon subscription. In summary, it can be wiped down with non-alcoholic, antimicrobial wipes. The NeuroBall straps are made of non-porous, waterproof design, made with MicrAgard™ material, which is antimicrobial and is shown to be over 97% effective against COVID-19.

How long before I notice an improvement?

Some users notice improvements in flexibility and relief from tight muscles within a few days. Your progress is up to you. The more often you use NeuroBall, the faster you are likely to experience improvements in flexibility, rotation, strength and range of motion. In Neurofenix clinical studies, patients using NeuroBall were studied for seven weeks. 94% felt the NeuroBall was helpful to their rehabilitation and 88% reported they were satisfied or very satisfied. After 7 weeks, patients reported being able to regain their ability to button their shirt, washing pots and pans and using knife and fork.

What areas of the body will it benefit?

NeuroBall helps stroke survivors regain strength and movement in their hands, wrists, elbow, arm and shoulder. Therapists have also reported success with other neurological indications including TBI and SCI. NeuroBall can be used for either the Left arm/hand/shoulder or the right arm/hand/shoulder or both.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Consumers do not need to sign a contract and are not required to maintain a subscription for any length of time, subject to any promotional offers that may give some sort of a discount over the length of a subscription. Professional rehabilitation facilities may have an agreement based on the terms of the trial, rental or purchase.

Is there a cancellation fee or restocking fee?

No. Neurofenix does not currently charge any subscription cancellation fees or restocking fees when the equipment is returned. There may be a replacement fee if items are lost or damaged. Subscribers are required to provide a 30-day cancellation notice and NeuroBall pays for return shipping as well as providing a return shipping label.

Is the NeuroBall covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

NeuroBall is not currently covered by any commercial or federal health insurance programs but we are planning several clinical trials in the US to support receiving reimbursement in the near future.

Can I be reimbursed for the NeuroBall via my HSA or FSA?

Most personal subscriptions would be eligible for reimbursement from your employer HSA or FSA account. NeuroBall would be considered exercise equipment under HSA or FSA guidelines. Note: Medicare requirements may vary. Please read your plan documents carefully. NeuroBall does not guarantee reimbursement.

What makes the NeuroBall unique?

Our stroke rehabilitation platform is the only solution that combines therapeutic gamification and proprietary motion tracking technology with an affordable home-use subscription and virtual occupational therapist support. Our software uniquely measures patient progress and personalizes the therapy to each individual, even if the patient has very limited arm, hand or shoulder movement. We also have clinical trials showing promising results.

How is the NeuroBall different from other stroke rehabilitation options?

NeuroBall was designed from inception with the input of over 300 stroke survivors and many occupational therapists and other Health Care Providers. The software-generated activities are designed to regenerate neuroplasticity, adapting to your progress over time.

How can I try the NeuroBall to see if it works for me?

The first step is a quick phone call or video call with one of our clinical specialists, who will determine if NeuroBall is right for you. Then you’ll place your subscription order. You may cancel your NeuroBall subscription at any time by giving a 30 day notice.

Is the NeuroBall easy to use? I tried other devices and they were too complicated.

Yes, NeuroBall is easy to use. In fact, it was designed so that you can put it on and take it off with one hand. Enclosed with your order is a Quick Start guide, and we’ll also set up a free video call right away to help you with any questions you may have. We provide ongoing 1:1 support that is included in your monthly subscription. All you need to provide is a wall outlet for charging the device and the tablet, as well as Wi-Fi.

Is the NeuroBall clinically proven to work?

Yes! Neurofenix completed 3 separate clinical trials that proved our program is easy to use, helpful to stroke rehabilitation, as well as improving range of motion, shoulder rotation, arm function and reduction of shoulder pain.

What is neuroplasticity?

The brain can rewire itself after an injury. Not long ago, many scientists believed that the brain did not change after childhood. Thus, after becoming adults, they believed that it remained fixed and unchanged. But advances in science only in the last decade tell us that this is simply not true; the brain can and does change throughout our lives. It is adaptable, like plastic, and hence neuroscientists called this phenomenon neuroplasticity.

Is the NeuroBall FDA approved?

NeuroBall is FDA registered. NeuroBall is a Class I medical device.

How much space do I need to use NeuroBall at home?

The ball-shaped device is about 5 inches in diameter, making it easy to store and use anywhere in your home or even from the comfort of your bed! The tablet is small as well. Basically, both items can fit into a shoe box, making it easy to use, move and store at your home or your clinic.

What are the options to purchase or rent NeuroBall?

Neurofenix has several subscription and purchase options available. Please contact us at 800-945-8132 or for more information.

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