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What is the minimum movement required to benefit from the NeuroBall?

The NeuroBall is suitable for a wide range of impairment levels. It uses sensors that pick up the smallest movement. It then adapts all of the games to your current level of movement. As you progress and your mobility improves, the games will become increasingly challenging. We recommend bimanual training for those with really limited mobility.

What is Bimanual training?

Bimanual training uses the non-impaired hand to assist the completion of rehabilitation exercises. The NeuroBall can be used without the base. If you have a limited range of movement, you may wish to place your non-impaired hand underneath the NeuoBall to gently assist movements.

What movements does the NeuroBall train?

The NeuroBall trains the key physio exercises including flexion and extension, pronation and supination, and grasp and release. Different games train a different combination of these movements.

Is the NeuroBall eligible for VAT relief?

Yes, the NeuroBall is eligible for VAT relief. You can complete the VAT exemption form during the checkout process. You can find out more about VAT relief eligibility here.

What tablets work with the NeuroBall?

The NeuroBall is compatible with Android tablets. The tablet must have a Quad-core processor, 1.3 GHz, 2GB RAM. The NeuroBall can work with an Amazon Fire tablet, however additional set up is required. For this reason we do not recommend using the NeuroBall with an Amazon Fire tablet.

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