Stroke Therapy at Home with a Virtual Therapist

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Backed By Clinical Evidence

Two clinical trials at a leading university (Brunel University, London) demonstrated exceptional ease of use, high patient engagement, reduction in arm pain and improvements in movement quality and patients’ ability to perform activities of daily living.

The 2nd clinical trial also demonstrated patients were able to do more frequent and more intense upper limb activities without an increase in fatigue, spasticity or pain.

Average Number of Repetitions per Day
Over 20x more than a typical rehab session
Typical upper
extremity session
At-Home Feasibility Study

The average number of daily repetitions during one seven-week at-home study was more than 20 times that seen in a typical upper extremity session.

In-Clinic Usability Study

Feedback from an in-clinic feasibility study demonstrated that patients were easily able to use NeuroBall independently and found it helpful to their rehab.

Able to Exercise Independently
NeuroBall Helpful to Rehab
Want to Continue Using at Home
Enjoyed Training and Games
Clinical Evidence Summary