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NeuroBall Platform for Shoulder, Arm and Hand Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation clinicians and their patients can feel confident using and recommending the NeuroBall platform as a brain exercise for stroke recovery and as equipment for stroke patients to use at home.

Treatment for brain stroke patients

Patients who need stroke rehabilitation, brain exercises for stroke recovery, SCI therapy and occupational / physical therapy for stroke patients share their NeuroBall stories every day.  Rest assured, these are real patients and NeuroBall users who have recovered strength, grip, range of motion and use of their shoulder, arm and hand.



Rehabologym, a full service neuro and stroke rehabilitation clinic in New York, uses NeuroBall for therapy in their clinic and supports patients who use NeuroBall at home to address upper limb paresis or paralysis.

One of their patients, Donnie, was able to reach his goal of playing the penny whistle at a local renaissance fair.  He is back to doing what he loves, playing music, socializing and enjoying life.  Donnie states “I’m so pleased with how I can now move my wrists and also hold my fingers stationary to be able to cover the (penny whistle) holes and play.  I’m now working on getting my fingers to move more fluidly”.

Donnie’s primary therapist, Sophie, states “The NeuroBall is a valuable device to add to a therapist’s toolbox and offers creative flexibility when developing treatment plans based upon patients’ individual needs along the spectrum of recovery.”


PhysioFunction, a stroke rehabilitation clinic in the UK, saw strong patient engagement with NeuroBall. Patients enjoyed the interesting brain exercises for stroke recovery, and consistently and frequently performed the exercises independently at home, which helped them work towards their stroke therapy goals.


  • Trained on their own 2–6 days a week
  • Trained 18–45 minutes per day
  • Engaged with their upper limb 1–4 hours more per week vs. performing other exercises at home 

Reported benefits:

  • NeuroBall is lightweight, easy to set up and use
  • Wide variety of fun activities and games
  • Reduces wrist stiffness and improves wrist movement
  • Increases ability to concentrate and enables more natural arm movements

These results demonstrate that the NeuroBall Home Program is an effective tool to grow clinic offerings, enhance patient engagement and further therapeutic goals from the comfort and convenience of the patient’s home.

Success Stories

Success Stories

It’s really good, the first couple of weeks I was able to zip up a coat! I like doing exercises with it, it makes me do it and it is in a format I enjoy doing, since I like games.

Valerie Stroke Survivor

NeuroBall was easy, other [devices] were bulky and took too long [to set up]. Good for people with not a lot of activity, stays on their hand, holds their attention and gives you a lot more engagement in rehab.

Steve Williams Therapist, Royal Hampshire County Hospital

We hear from our clients that they are so motivated to get to the next level on a game that they practice over and over again until they get to the next level. As a clinician this is fantastic because I know the repetitive practice will strengthen and improve the activity and support their movement recovery.

Richard Sealy Principal Therapist & Director,
The Neuro Rehab Practice

[NeuroBall] is a versatile piece of equipment to use with a variety of our patients with diagnoses such as TBI, central cord syndrome, and CVA. Most of our patients enjoyed the competition between other facilities, which motivated them to participate in the games. We noticed a decrease in spasticity for our patient with a CVA. Our patient with the TBI demonstrated increased engagement when the Neuroball was utilized. The patient with spinal cord syndrome said that the facility should buy the Neuroball because it was the best piece of equipment in the occupational therapy department.

Rachel Poter OTR/L, Charleston Area Medical Center
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