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Advanced Arm and Hand Therapy at Your Fingertips

Extend your therapy from the clinic to the comfort and convenience of home. Train whenever you like with a wide variety of games and activities that challenge you as you improve. Our Product Specialists will train and support you every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your NeuroBall experience. Connect with others in the NeuroBall community and compare progress on the Leaderboard. Effective, very simple to use and fun, NeuroBall puts you in control of your rehab sessions.

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Why Choose NeuroBall

NeuroBall enables you to train in a way that is interesting and fun.

Connect with a Specialist

Fun and Interactive

Therapy activities and games with feedback, tracking, leader boards and the ability to connect with others.

Easy to use

  • Turn it on
  • Attach to either hand
  • Do a quick calibration
  • Go!


Lightweight, wireless and battery powered so you can train anytime, anywhere.


A variety of purchase options available to fit any budget, including a month to month rental or purchase.

Backed By Clinical Evidence

NeuroBall has been studied in clinical trials by a leading neurological rehab university, and feedback from users demonstarted that NeuroBall was safe and comfortable to use independently. After a brief in-clinic training session with a therapist, NeuroBall users:

Could Exercise Independently
Found NeuroBall Helpful to Rehab
Wanted to Continue Using at Home
Enjoyed Training and Games

In two different studies at a leading rehab university, NeuroBall users enjoyed the therapy games and reported better arm and hand movement, including being able to use a knife and fork, button a shirt and wash pots and pans after 7 weeks of NeuroBall therapy. Many users also reported that they had less shoulder pain after using NeuroBall.

Using a Knife and Fork
Buttoning a Shirt
Washing Pots and Pans

Frequently Asked Quesions

What Benefits Can I Expect From Using NeuroBall?

After using NeuroBall for seven weeks, participants in a research study reported being more able to perform day-to-day activities such as holding a glass of water, turning a door knob or buttoning a shirt. In order to experience these benefits, you will need to put the time and effort into training with the NeuroBall every day. Repetition is key to improvement!

How Does NeuroBall Work?

NeuroBall is designed to optimize your rehab repetitions in a fun and interactive way. It helps to stabilize your hand, improve alignment, protect against injury, and assist with motion and function. It enables you to train your fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder, which helps you to interact with objects in the real world.

What Movements Does NeuroBall Train?

NeuroBall’s activities and games train the key movements you need to regain your independence and confidence. Grasp and release, bending your wrist backwards and forwards, forearm rotation and elbow and shoulder motion are all movements needed for everyday activities.

What If I Don’t Like Games?

NeuroBall is a “smart” digital therapy device, not a gaming console, and its activities track your repetitions and adjust to your ability and progress. Most users enjoy the variety of activities and games, but you can also train using simple repetition and tracking with no games at all.

How Do I Know if NeuroBall is Right For Me?

Your therapist can help determine if NeuroBall is right for you. But in general, if you are able to open your hand enough to place your fingers around a bottle of water, then you may be able to use NeuroBall. Not sure? Call us and we’ll answer your questions. US phone (+1) 800.945.8132, UK phone (+44) 020 3355 8808

In-Depth User Guide

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