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Their Success is Our Inspiration

Empowering a successful recovery is the reason we exist and the inspiration for our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of patients and their families. Hear their stories and be inspired.

NeuroBall is a much-needed option to fill a ‘gap in the therapeutic space,’ specifically for arm and hand weakness after suffering a neurological injury such as a stroke or traumatic brain Injury. The portability of the technology allows for usage in many settings including in clinic, at home and even when traveling.

Avrielle Rykman Peltz, MA, OTR/L Executive Clinical Director, Rehabologym
NeuroBall User

Angela’s Story

The great thing about NeuroBall is it helps fill in the gaps between therapy sessions. It takes the boredom out of rehab with fun games and has helped with my wrist and finger movement and shoulder pain.

It’s easy to operate, and so sensitive, it seems to register every slight movement. I like the games and customer support is great.

Aileen Stroke Survivor

One day I realised that I could touch the top of my head! As soon I started to using it I saw difference. I feel my muscles are shouting at me. It has an immediate effect and you can see results quickly and the more you do the more results.

Shona Stroke Survivor

Gets your hand back in motion. Fun and effective way to regain hand mobility

Eric Stroke Survivor
NeuroBall User

Shona’s Story

NeuroBall has helped Shona recover arm and hand function even four years after her stroke.

Worth it, even eight years after a stroke!

My husband's...right hand/arm has always been his weakest area. We have had the Neuroball for a few months now; he enjoys playing the games and can manage it by himself (which is a bonus for me!) and we have seen improvement in the mobility in his hand and overall arm strength. I highly recommend this product and the sooner you can start using it after a stroke the better.

Alison Stroke survivor family member
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