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Your Success is Our Inspiration

Empowering a successful recovery is the reason we do what we do at Neurofenix. We’re committed to improving the lives of patients recovering from neurological injury. Hear inspiring stroke recovery stories from our users.

You don't even realise you're training. I had a little help when first putting on the Neuroball but now I find this extremely easy. I am training longer & longer every day. I've noticed how much my confidence has returned & my attitude to life, & this is all to do with the Neuroball. I have had many "aids & gadgets" over the years but this is the only one I have stuck with. I recommend the Neuroball to all my Survivor friends & I now recommend it to you

Jason Stroke Survivor
NeuroBall User

Meena’s Story

Using NeuroBall’s fun games and activities, Meena has made remarkable progress in improving hand and arm function.

The arm went a little bit freer like when I was doing [the game ball exercises]. I was able to use it more for washing up pots and pans.

Mark Stroke Survivor

I couldn’t open and close the hand before. I mean, I can’t do it brilliant but it’s definitely better .... I couldn’t do it at all before.

Ann Stroke Survivor

We hear from our clients that they are so motivated to get to the next level on a game that they practice over and over again until they get to the next level. As a clinician this is fantastic because I know the repetitive practice will strengthen and improve the activity and support their movement recovery.

Richard Sealy Principal Therapist & Director,
The Neuro Rehab Practice
NeuroBall User

Shona’s Story

NeuroBall has helped Shona recover arm and hand function even four years after her stroke.

NeuroBall is a much-needed option to fill a ‘gap in the therapeutic space,’ specifically for arm and hand weakness after suffering a neurological injury such as a stroke or traumatic brain Injury. The portability of the technology allows for usage in many settings including in clinic, at home and even when traveling.

Avrielle Rykman Peltz, MA, OTR/L Executive Clinical Director, Rehabologym
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