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Their Success is Our Inspiration

Empowering a successful recovery is the reason we exist and the inspiration for our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of patients and their families. Hear their stories and be inspired.

We hear from our clients that they are so motivated to get to the next level on a game that they practice over and over again until they get to the next level. As a clinician this is fantastic because I know the repetitive practice will strengthen and improve the activity and support their movement recovery.

Richard Sealy Principal Therapist & Director,
The Neuro Rehab Practice

NeuroBall is a much-needed option to fill a ‘gap in the therapeutic space,’ specifically for arm and hand weakness after suffering a neurological injury such as a stroke or traumatic brain Injury. The portability of the technology allows for usage in many settings including in clinic, at home and even when traveling.

Avrielle Rykman Peltz, MA, OTR/L Executive Clinical Director, Rehabologym

It's portable and lightweight. Our Pediatric client found NeuroBall engaging and motivating. Clients really liked the games and visuals.

Molly Vizioli OTR/L Rehabologym

NeuroBall is by far the best in terms of accessibility for clinicians and patients. It’s easy to use. Set-up time is quick. It’s adaptable and versatile.

Katy R Stroke Team Lead, Solent Neuro Rehab Service

The NeuroBall Home Program was a huge benefit to the clinic and our therapists during this difficult time. Moreover, the NeuroBall program has been popular with clients. Even after restrictions are lifted, I know we will continue offering this program.

Claire Everett BSc MCSP HCPC reg Senior Neurological Physiotherapist, PhysioFunction

[NeuroBall] is a versatile piece of equipment to use with a variety of our patients with diagnoses such as TBI, central cord syndrome, and CVA. Most of our patients enjoyed the competition between other facilities, which motivated them to participate in the games. We noticed a decrease in spasticity for our patient with a CVA. Our patient with the TBI demonstrated increased engagement when the Neuroball was utilized. The patient with spinal cord syndrome said that the facility should buy the Neuroball because it was the best piece of equipment in the occupational therapy department.

Rachel Poter OTR/L, Charleston Area Medical Center

NeuroBall was easy, other [devices] were bulky and took too long [to set up]. Good for people with not a lot of activity, stays on their hand, holds their attention and gives you a lot more engagement in rehab.

Steve Williams Therapist, Royal Hampshire County Hospital

My first impression of the Neuroball was that it would be a great fit for an outpatient setting and I was pleasantly surprised to find my inpatient colleagues and patients both having nothing but positive reviews of the device. It is easy to use, light-weight, and most importantly it delivers results. It guarantees hundreds of repetition's in a short period of time. It is motivating and reasonably priced.

OT Clinical Specialist

This is the most versatile device I’ve ever seen

Lisa Senior OT at Queen Alexandra Hospital CSRT 
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