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Your Success is Our Inspiration

Empowering a successful recovery is the reason we do what we do at Neurofenix. We’re committed to improving the lives of patients recovering from neurological injury. Hear inspiring stroke recovery stories from our users.

This is the most versatile device I’ve ever seen

Lisa Senior OT at Queen Alexandra Hospital CSRT 
NeuroBall User

Meena’s Story

Using NeuroBall’s fun games and activities, Meena has made remarkable progress in improving hand and arm function.

It’s very simple to use and allows for you to do hundreds of repetitions of the movements you need to work on. It’s easy to incorporate into my routine. I train everyday for at least 45 minutes.  I’ve been able to do more repetitions on a daily basis and feel engaged with what I’m doing. My shoulder is stronger and doesn’t constantly ache anymore. I can also do more with my arm in the gym and in general in my daily routine. I can externally rotate my shoulder pretty much fully.

Kashan B. Stroke Survivor

Didn’t realise how much fine finger and hand movement I’d lost until I started using it. It’s intricate stuff for fingers, really opened up horizons, this has the whole playing field. Grasping pronation supination, extension. I’m enjoying it.

JB Stroke Survivor

My dad has improved greatly since he started using the Neuroball everyday and this has been a noticeable change in his hand/grip strength!

Sumeet Stroke survivor family member
NeuroBall User

Shona’s Story

NeuroBall has helped Shona recover arm and hand function even four years after her stroke.

NeuroBall is brilliant. I think it’s for anybody who’s got a disability. I like the games. The games are challenging but they’re good games. I like everything about it.

Paulina Stroke Survivor
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