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“It’s amazing! After 4.5 years, to still feel you can achieve things”

The NeuroBall allows users to complete upper limb rehabilitation exercise by playing games. It intelligently adapts to your ability and becomes increasingly challenging as you progress.

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Developed with stroke survivors and therapists

Comprehensive upper limb exercise

Train all key movements including flexion and extension, side-to-side and grasping.

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Adapts to your ability

Games change to your movement ability and become more challenging as you progress

Measures progress

Monitor engagement and performance over time and see real progress.

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Richard Sealy


The NeuroBall is fun and engaging. It allows you to track progress and see your achievements. The games motivate you to keep playing and reach the next level. It is fantastic because this repetitive practice is essential for progress. It builds physical strength and also trains the neurological pathways too.

richard sealy

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