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The problem

A stroke is an interruption of blood supply to the brain which can
result in losing control of one side of the body. Strokes are currently
the single largest cause of adult disability, with over 1.5 million
stroke survivors in the UK alone. This has huge costs, both
economic and social.

The challenge

The best chance to recover after a stroke is through intensive
physiotherapy, however because of under resourced public health
care systems and the high costs of private physiotherapy, many
survivors are unable to recover to their full potential.

Our mission:
Transforming stroke care delivery

At Neurofenix we believe upper limb recovery after stroke is unacceptably poor.


We are a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and motivated professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of stroke survivors and their families.


We worked together with stroke survivors, their families, therapists and physicians from day one to design an easy to use upper limb training device that costs a fraction of its closest competitors. The Neurofenix NeuroBall can be used with little or no supervision, making it ideal for both survivors as well as therapists who want to maximise their patient’s potential in between sessions.


We have already received a lot of interest and enthusiasm from stroke associations, private clinics and the NHS. If you are interested in becoming an investor or in partnering with us, please get in touch.

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Hands together

The core team

We are a London-based international group of highly motivated individuals. Many of us are active volunteers in stroke associations and have personal experiences with stroke , which drives us even more in our day to day work.

Guillem Singla Buxarrais

Guillem Singla Buxarrais

Co-Founder and CEO

Dimitris Athanasiou

Co-Founder and CTO

Federico Casarini

Product Designer

Raquel Acitores Bermejo

Full-Stack Developer

Adam Halliwell

Electronics Engineer

Massimiliano Marass

UX Designer

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