Our Story,
Mission and Vision

Fueling Inspiring Comebacks and Resilience in Neurorehab. Neurofenix - Your path to recovery and empowerment.

Our Journey

Neurofenix: Empowering Stroke Recovery at Home

At Neurofenix, our journey began with a deep, personal connection to stroke rehabilitation. Our co-founders, Guillem Singla and Dimitrios Athanasiou, inspired by their own family experiences, envisioned a world where stroke recovery was not just effective but accessible to everyone. Their meeting at Imperial College London in 2016 marked the birth of Neurofenix, blending their expertise in Biomedical Engineering, Neurotechnology, and Biomechanics to innovate in stroke care

The Neurofenix Mission

Revolutionizing Stroke Rehabilitation Through Technology and Care

Our mission at Neurofenix is to revolutionize stroke rehabilitation, making it more patient-centric and accessible. We observed a significant gap in stroke rehabilitation - a lack of consistent, intensive care that hinders the recovery process. Addressing this, we developed the NeuroBall, our pioneering solution to make upper limb rehabilitation both measurable and engaging. This innovative device, combined with our user-friendly software platform, enables patients to perform varied exercises aimed at improving motor skills and functional ability, all from the comfort of their homes.

Evidence-Based Approach

Aligning Innovation with Clinical Research

Our commitment to evidence-based practices is fundamental. Collaborating with leading institutions like Brunel University, we've conducted several clinical trials to validate the effectiveness of the NeuroBall in both hospital and home settings. These studies have consistently shown positive results, reinforcing our belief in the power of technology-enhanced rehabilitation.

Growth and Expansion

Florida launch

Neurofenix has embarked on an exciting phase of expansion in 2024, launching as a tech-enabled healthcare provider, beginning in Florida. This initiative will introduce our innovative Upper Limb Stroke Program to Medicare beneficiaries, marking a significant step in making advanced stroke rehabilitation accessible and convenient from home. Our focus on expanding into new markets underscores our commitment to transforming stroke recovery, ensuring more people have access to the effective, personalized care they need for a better quality of life.

Our Vision

A Future of Accessible and Effective Stroke Rehabilitation

At Neurofenix, we envision a future where every stroke survivor has access to the best rehabilitation care. Our alignment with Medicare in the US is a step towards this goal, ensuring more patients benefit from our solutions without financial burdens. Our ongoing efforts focus on expanding our offerings to cover more aspects of neurological rehabilitation, aiming to be the leading name in at-home neural rehabilitation for stroke and other traumatic conditions.